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Art Director:
Marian Naydenov
Ivan Ivanov
Account Manager:
Viktoria Todorova

The Challenge

Exeron is the most innovative project of International Power Supply (IPS). EXERON is a power system consisting of solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators and batteries. The whole system is automatically controlled by a computer so that each element can be exploited in the most efficient way. In 2014, the system was recognized with the international award for innovation in Germany. Thereafter, the interest in the system increased. The company management believes that the EXERON system is the leading product in their business. They have contacted us with a request to create a corporate identity and promotional materials for their product.

The Result

In the logo of Exeron we integrated the logo of its production company IPS. Inspired by the innovation and uniqueness of the product, our team has created 4 designs for the EXERON by IPS brand.Together with the appearance of the brand, we have also created a brand guideline with the company's communication principles. In the design concept we have demonstrated the function of EXERON - intelligent use of energy that collects the system from different energy sources and uses it in the best possible way. We also included the design of the advertising materials in the guideline. Our work was highly valued and we were contacted to develop other projects for IPS.

Based on the brand guideline and the listed rules and requirements in it, we developed a series of print and advertising materials. We also created a design for banner products and we strictly followed the quality of their execution and production.
We created a series of advertising materials in accordance to the brand specifications.
We developed an original style for creating schematic graphs representing the work processes in EXERON.
We created a series of brochures showcasing the various applications EXERON and we took care of the printing of the advertising materials.
Together with IPS, we worked hard in order to create many other promotional materials for their flagship product EXERON.