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Become part of our team!

We like productive and creative people who want to develop themselves in the field of account management, digital marketing, programming and design.

If you want to meet us and tell us about your future creative plans, send us your CV and cover letter to

Become part of our team if you like.. spirit

We stand behind the idea of team work. We believe that each one of us is part of a whole and only together we can make beautiful things happen.


We openly share our ideas and with joint efforts, we build the all way up to their realization.

With Love to the Client

We are not only partners but also friends with our customers. Their goals and our ideas create truly memorable and successful advertising campaigns.


Each one of us develops unique skills and abilities in the field of advertising to become an indispensable part of Prodesign's professional team.


We are motivated to offer our customers the most creative and flexible solutions in the field of advertising, and that makes us bold and daring in their ideas and implementation.


We think of our works as pleasure so we enjoy every day spent at Prodesign. Every new project is a challenge accepted with ease and a smile.