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Bulgarian American Credit Bank
Art Director:
Marian Naydenov
Ivan Ivanov
Account Manager:
Antoaneta Angelova

The Challenge

Bulgarian American Credit Bank is a modern, high-tech institution that adequately meets the ever-increasing requirements of modern consumers. Given the dynamics of development and expansion of the branch network in Bulgaria, BACB assigned us to develop a Standard (guidelines) for interior identity for their offices.

The Result

We organized a photo session of all the furniture and materials used in one of the latest and very modern offices of BACB. In the Interior Design Guide, we set the fundamental principles in accordance with the Management of their brand. We described in detail the rules, recommendations and guidelines for modeling new office spaces in accordance with the particular sites.

The guide includes a description of flooring, wall colors and ways of branding, ceiling materials, ways of zoning, branding of shop windows, furniture, advertising equipment placement, landscaping, aromatization, sound and other necessary elements. All together, they convey a sense of belonging to the bank's team and leave a memorable experience for their customers.