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Art Director:
Ivan Ivanov
Antoaneta Yordanova, Goran Trichkovski
Account Manager:
Radko Zhelev

The Challenge

Adipharm is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, OTC products and food supplements in Eastern Europe. The company's products are available in over 30 countries worldwide. The rapid expansion of markets and the evolution of the product portfolio have forced the company to upgrade its digital business presentation, namely their website.

The Result

Our creative team developed a web design that perfectly corresponds to the entire corporate identity of Adipharm. It included a user-friendly interface with detailed information about the product portfolio, history, production capabilities of the company, as well as the many recognitions and certificates gained over the years. We paid special attention to the section presenting the product portfolio. In it, visitors of the website can find the product they are looking for and learn more about it with just two clicks. Our illustrators painted all the icons and illustrations on the website especially for Adipharm, which gave an additional uniqueness to the product portfolio. And yes, this is the third time we have won the Adipharm’s trust for taking care of their digital presentation.

Our inspiration for the main graphic elements used in the design system of the website.
Presentation of the responsive design of the website.
Presentation of the main screens of the desktop version of the website.